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Quotes We were stucked in NYC for a few more days because of that ash cloud... when we met Raditia, introduced by our good friend Sandrine, for a marvelous yoga session. Personally that was my first one. I appreciated a lot, it was an hour of delicious relaxation mixed with exercises and stretching led by a very talented teacher. Raditia is a shining person, she gave us personalised advices, she took time to correct us when doing wrong, patiently. We thank you for our unforgettable yoga lesson in Central Park! Quotes
Olivia & Jean-Louis

Quotes I'm sure there are a lot of "qualified" people that teach the practice of yoga, but I'm also sure there are far fewer who actually embody the discipline as much as Raditia does. Not only does she teach you the physical side of yoga, but truly helps you understand the many facets of the spiritual and intellectual side. I had never practiced yoga before, and quite frankly was a tad skeptical about its properties and benefits. It didn't take long for Raditia to dispel my skepticism. Now I look forward to our sessions every week! Quotes
Michael McCoy

Quotes In the beginning, I was a little bite reluctant to do yoga because I thought it was boring and not enough dynamic. However, after one class I was already convinced because Raditia is full of energy and the class is much more active than I thought. Now I'm addicted to yoga and I try to never miss a class! Raditia is very meticulous and she always corrects wrong poses. Quotes

Quotes Raditia is such a joy to be with. I have been one of her yoga students for awhile now. I have taken other yoga classes, prenatal yoga classes, tried it myself at home. Its not the same without Raditia =) Its almost like she knows what your mind and body needs and guides it to stretch and relax. So thankful i have found a yoga teacher like Raditia, I look forward to many more classes with her. Quotes
Elizabeth D

Quotes I just had a private yoga-lesson with Raditia and I really liked it. She is a very positive person with a lot of loving energy for her students and she gives good corrections. I can highly recommend yoga-lessons with Raditia. Quotes
Yoga with Raditia is fun